SME Specialist Bookkeeper in Portsmouth and Southampton

Professional Portsmouth and Southampton Bookkeeper

Owning a small or medium sized business in Portsmouth and Southampton is hard work and time consuming. As a result of working with SMEs for more than a decade, we know you would prefer to be able to focus on what you enjoy doing rather than having to keep up with the recent changes in accounting and the government’s initiative to make tax digital.

At NB Bookkeeping, we take the headache and stress away from you, by taking responsibility for all your bookkeeping needs including VAT, payroll and credit control, or even facing a dreaded VAT inspection.

Your Portsmouth and Southampton Bookkeeper, Your Business

We offer a range of services for all areas of accountancy and taxation. We are a one stop bookkeeping service serving Portsmouth and the surrounding local areas of Hampshire, including Southampton, Fareham, and Park Gate.

We have an experienced, qualified and expert team who will take care of all your accountancy needs, and offer you advice and support in bookkeeping, payroll, VAT administration, and credit control.

Affordable bookkeeper with a sensible monthly fee

We offer a cost-effective bookkeeping solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It is our goal to ensure our clients stay focused on running and growing their business, rather than spending hours in accounts’ administration.

Bookkeeper in Portsmouth and Southampton providing bookkeeping services


We provide a professional bookkeeping service to all our clients, whether you are a Sole Trader or a small-medium sized company. Our professional bookkeepers have been trained to provide a timely, efficient and courteous service to meet the demands and time constraints placed on modern business. Make us part of your business administration with a cost-effective solution for meeting ALL your bookkeeping needs.

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Bookkeeper in Portsmouth and Southampton providing payroll services


We know and appreciate that employees tend to be the most valuable asset of any successful business. It is critical, therefore, that their salaries/wages need to be accurate and paid in a timely manner. Payroll errors could be costly as well as stressful to your employees. We are here for you and effectively take that stress out of your business.

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Bookkeeper in Portsmouth and Southampton providing VAT administration services

VAT Administration

From April 2019, VAT registered businesses with a turnover exceeding the £85,000 VAT threshold will be required to file VAT returns through Making Tax Digital compliant software and not via the current HMRC portal and required by Law to be registered with the HMRC VAT office and make timely returns to the HMRC at the end of their predetermined VAT period. The threshold is based on your VAT taxable turnover - the total value of everything you sell or supply that isn’t VAT exempt. Businesses who fail to make timely returns and pay the correct VAT due will be subject to severe penalties as well as prosecution. Our expertise in this field will save you both money as well as many sleepless nights by taking the responsibility for this demanding and time- consuming task.

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Bookkeeper in Portsmouth and Southampton providing credit control services

Credit Control

We know from experience that our clients do not like asking for their money. However, your clients need to pay you on time. We offer a personalised credit control service that gets results and ensures your money is where it belongs – in your bank. We maintain regular, proactive contact with debtors to reduce the chance of invoices becoming overdue. If they do fall outside of your credit terms though, we personally communicate with your debtors to agree payment dates and where necessary, schedules. Our experience ensures you see an improvement in your cash flow and working capital, whilst maintain a good relationship with your clients.

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